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About Me

I am a Fullstack Web Developer who is devoted to creating user-friendly systems and help my Clients Expand Their Digital Reach
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Hello šŸ‘‹
I'm Billy Okeyo. Iā€™m a fullstack web developer currently living in Nairobi, Kenya. I have a burning passion to want and help others with code that I create. I enjoy the limitless potential of impact that I can have with what I build. It is what pushes me every day to become a better developer. Outside of coding, you can find me watching movies, playing video games and contributing to open source programs! I am a Well-organised person and a problem solver. Fan of movies, video-games, outdoor activities and I am interested in the entire web development spectrum
I love playing video games, watching movies and series. I also used to dance though age caught up with me šŸ˜† šŸ˜† šŸ˜†, just kidding, I can still dance. I also do deejaying when I am free.
I am active in team building exercises and I can work in any team easily. I collaborate too in projects, so if you want we colloborate on a project just send me a message and I will be glad to help
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Why Choose Me

Minimal Design

I give you that that design that's simple to follow and understand

Love My Clients

Good communication betwen me my clients is essential and I love my clients

Professional Design

You need that proffessional design, then I can give that to you with ease

Mobile Friendly Design

Mobile responsiveness is key in each design since many users are phone users

Web Development

I do full website development from start to finish

Web Design

Designing is important in ay aspect of development

My Tools Are

  • Django

  • Flask

  • CSS

  • PHP

Our Skills are excellent


Getting to share ideas with other developers is good as it helps me get different ideas on how to render that idea.

Get Idea

After discussions I know evaluate the ideas I got and come up wih one good idea which I will use.


I know implement the idea I concluded on and come up with something worthy.

Hire Me! I will make you smile :)

My Portfolios

Check out some of my latest projects I have done.

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